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Omega-3 is essential for heart and brain health, among many other things. Although the most readily available sources (EPA & DHA) come from animal foods (such as oily fish), adding plant-based omega-3’s (AHA) to your diet are a great way to boost your intake – whilst also upping your fibre and micronutrient intakes. 

Chia seeds are a great source of plant-based omega-3, with around 60% of the fat content in the form of ALA. If you like a porridge breakfast, you can increase the omega-3 content by adding chia seeds.  It’s also a great introduction to chia if you’ve not had them before (the texture is quite unique!). Just add a tablespoon to your oats and cook as normal.  You can go wild with the toppings – if you want to boost the omega-3 even further, add in some walnuts! 

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