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I'm Liz Sergeant

I’m a high vibe Functional Nutritionist, Women’s Health Coach and postnatal wellness advocate. It’s my mission to empower you to rediscover your sense of self, harmonise your hormones and balance your energy so you can be present with your family, realise your ambitions at work and flourish into the passionate, sassy women within.

As a Functional Nutritionist, I work with you to explore and uncover the root cause of your symptoms or disease. All of your hormonal and metabolic pathways are linked – if one is out of whack then they all will be affected, resulting in a number of symptoms which on the surface may appear unrelated.

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1:1 Functional Nutrition

Work one-to-one with me on your personalised functional nutrition programme. Together we will design your road map based on your past and present personal circumstances and future desires. Areas where my team and I specialise include:

Women’s health, including harmonising monthly hormone imbalances, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis and preparing for or navigating the menopause.

Postnatal wellness is a pivotal point in a woman’s health journey. Postnatal depletion both emotionally and physically can follow a mother for years, with many mums putting up with feelings of exhaustion, low mood, anxiety, hormone dysfunction, low immunity, thyroid dysfunction. This isn’t normal, you don’t need to battle through, we can help you thrive again.

Functional Health. We work with you to uncover the root cause of your symptoms. Some of the common areas where we support clients include adrenal dysfunction and burnout resilience or recovery, digestive health and autoimmune conditions.

Nourished Mums

A personalised online programme that empowers high-achieving mums to recharge, reset and rebalance so that they can be present for those cherished moments at home, reclaim their leadership ambitions at work and flourish as a woman.

This programme offers the best of both worlds with 1:1 personalisation and weekly coaching, along-side the powerful momentum of being part of a like-minded community.

This programme is for all you mums who have lost sight of who you are. You are waking up exhausted, overwhelmed and feeling like you’re wading through mud all day. Once a month you feel like another women with mood swings, anxiety, painful PMS and heavy periods, and despite your best intentions you never feel truly present with your loved ones and importantly you.

In my 12 week Nourished Mums programme I help you rediscover your energy, sparkle and balance so that you can have the space and drive to tune into your body, follow your intuition and thrive again.


real people, real results

My energy levels are stable and definitely up, I’m thinking more clearly and have significantly less aches and pains. I am less bloated, have less body fat and I’ve lost cms round my waist and thighs. Thanks to all the expert support from Caroline and Liz.

Sheryl Jones

With Liz’s support I have dramatically changed my diet and in just three weeks I’m well on my way to reaching my personal goals. My energy levels have increased dramatically.

Izzy Elliot

I now feel ridiculously happy about life again. I’m so so thankful that Liz has put together this amazing support program. It saved me in so many ways.

Hayley Knight

I was suffering with crippling PMS but thanks to this amazing support programme I now have regular cycles and have really tuned into my monthly ‘moods.

Victoria Harvey-Jones
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A community for high performing, sassy mums who want to rediscover their sense of self, recharge their energy, and harmonise their hormones so they can live the life they desire with oomph at home, and attitude at work!

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