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Femme Flow

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A monthly membership designed to empower women
who are ready to BREAK FREE from period problems and
EXPERIENCE what it’s like
to have a THRIVING hormonal system.

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Hey there powerful woman, tell me… have you ever felt or experienced any of these symptoms…

⭐️  Unexplained brain fog, lack of clarity, or inability to think straight


⭐️   Feeling tired, having mood swings, groggy, irritable or even anxious without any specific reason


⭐️   Extreme pain or discomfort around your monthly cycle, inflammation, digestive issues, cramps, heavy bleeding, headaches, soreness or absolute fatigue


⭐️   Feeling like you dread your period, have been stuck on birth control, lost your periods, have irregular periods, experiencing pre-menopausal symptoms (hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, lack of joy in life, insomnia, difficulty falling asleep or waking up) or in any way resenting your menstrual cycle and the way you experience it


⭐️   Contemplating getting off of birth control but unsure how your body will respond, recovering from postpartum and feeling overwhelmed by your hormones, changing body, or emotions, wanting to optimize for pregnancy or even just for better performance in your day-to-day life (and the bedroom) but can’t seem to figure out how


⭐️   Feel like somehow you’re at odds with your body, can’t seem to lose weight, always feel bloated, gassy, or unhappy in your skin


⭐️   Have unexplainable acne, bad skin, rashes, infertility, autoimmunity or other unexplainable symptoms




If you’ve ever noticed or experienced ANY of these symptoms, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

And the solution may actually be a lot closer to home than you think 😉


If you are the powerful woman...

that I know you are, then I’m sure you dream of….

🤍   Feeling your absolute best 24/7 with the energy, creativity and mental clarity to be able to do what you want when you want without having to think twice
🤍   Feel unstoppable and confident in your body without worrying about bloating, fatigue, cramps or other digestive issues slowing you down from loving the skin you’re in
🤍   To wake up every day feeling happy, inspired and at peace with life AND your body. No longer struggling or wondering what kind of mood you’ll be in but instead, knowing that you are always on your A-Game no matter what time of month it is!
🤍   Being in complete control of your body, mood and hormones where you have glowing skin, a radiating heart, exuding happiness and joy with an upbeat attitude year round
🤍   Embrace your aging like a bottle of fine wine as you transition into your new spring through menopause feeling lighter, happier, and fully in charge of your symptoms
🤍   Getting off birth control and knowing how to listen, read and understand your body, cycle and seasons so you never need birth control to keep you safe from surprise pregnancies OR to help you optimize your own fertility if you want to experience the magic of pregnancy and motherhood
🤍   Feel like an absolute woman in the bedroom and have your sex drive back so you can experience a deeper connection to your body like you did in your prime, feeling sexy, beautiful, radiant regardless of what time of the month it is



Well, I have news for you! There’s a secret superpower we weren’t taught in school that we’ve carried with us our entire lives…. We’ve just never known how to use it or understand it…. Until now!

Hi I'm Liz...

Your functional nutritionist (BSc, MSc, ANutr, AFMCP) and hormone specialist with a mission to empower women on accessing the superpower that comes from optimising their health, hormones and overall happiness through the power of science, food, and functional medicine.


You see all those symptoms I listed above^^^ I know many of those WAY too well and in fact… experiencing so many hormonal issues from such an early age was the fuel behind my fire to supporting women on healing their hormones and period symptoms from the inside out.


Let’s rewind a bit… I have ALWAYS been a high achiever, athletic and competitive woman (it’s my go to nature) from competing in competitive golf, studying abroad, doing crossfit and climbing the corporate ladder, to the outside world I was successful and excelling at life.


But internally and behind closed doors, I felt like I was always fighting with myself, my mood and my body.


When I went to seek out professional help, I was constantly turned away with my symptoms being dismissed as “normal” and offered countless over the counter prescription medications to cover up and numb the symptoms.
Fortunately, when my health hit a crescendo over 10 years ago I was completing my Functional Nutrition qualification – I spotted the adrenal dysfunction warning signs and made a significant investment in myself, my health priorities and all that was wrapped up in my high achiever identity.


At that point I asked myself… If I were to apply all my knowledge of hormones, health and functional nutrition with the power of energetics and functional medicine….


What if I could heal my symptoms and experience a truly flourishing body, life, and period?


Fast forward to today and I’m so honoured to report that Femme Flow cracks the code that so much of traditional medicine deemed as “normal”.


Through my personal journey and the work I’ve done with hundreds of women, I’ve learnt how to optimise hormones to create REAL harmony. Everyday I continue to deepen my connection with my body and work with my menstrual cycle so I can always feel on top of my game, eliminating pesky symptoms, accessing a deeper level of connection to myself, confidence in my skin, happiness in my overall life, an easy transition through postpartum and an ever-evolving healthy body!


Today my quest and mission is to empower women with the knowledge, intuition and practical strategies to harmonise their hormones and master their energetics.

This is the gift of Femme Flow

Taking my life’s work of optimising and understanding female bodies, health and hormones to empower women and being able to access the super power that’s ALWAYS been within (your menstrual cycle) and giving you the cheat codes to understanding how to actually utilise it!
After running Femme Flow and various health and nutrition empowerment programs for women all over the world, I decided this work was far too powerful and far too important to reserve for only the lucky few…
Which is why I’ve committed my programme, Femme Flow, to be an incredibly accessible membership for women at any and every stage of life to have access to at the most affordable price!
You will learn how your daily hormone changes influence your neurobiology, nervous system, metabolism, digestion, reproductive system and immune system.
With this knowledge you will become empowered to optimise your athletic performance, productivity, creativity, emotional intelligence, body composition and weight loss, fertility, stress response and energy.


Here's how it works

Femme Flow is a monthly membership unlike ANYTHING else you’ve ever experienced before!
It’s filled with information, content, and resources to support women at every stage of their menstrual cycle in taking back their power and healing from the inside out.
You’ll have access to experts and an entire community of women all across the globe where you can ask questions, share wins, get support and feedback from trained experts including myself and my team and finally free yourself from feeling trapped in your body or by your period.


When you join, you’ll receive:


⭐️ Full access to my FEMME FLOW programme and formula (value over £500) –  videos, workbooks and food flow recipe library.
🍌 Food for Flow expertise and recipes for hormone harmony and cycle optimisation.
⚡️ Expert interviews and workshops.
👉 Online support from Liz and her team of guest experts.
🙌 Live coaching, Q&As and hormone hot-seat sessions.
☀️ Momentum and motivation from an incredible community of women passionate about optimising their health and wellbeing.
🤩  VIP options available for live Zoom coaching and personalised deep dives.
⭐️ Member exclusive upgrades to personalised functional medicine roadmaps, tailored supplement recommendations and functional testing.



We’ve decided to tie all of this together at two amazing options:


Femme Flow Monthly Membership

£33/month cancel anytime



⭐️ Full access to my FEMME FLOW programme and formula (value over £500) –  videos, workbooks and food flow recipe library.
🍌 Food for Flow expertise and recipes for hormone harmony and cycle optimisation
⚡️ Expert interviews and workshops
👉 Online support from Liz and her team of guest experts
🙌 Live coaching, Q&As and hormone hot-seat sessions
☀️ An incredible community of women passionate about optimising their health and wellbeing
Join FF Monthly

Femme Flow VIP Annual Pass

$333/Year paid in full

🤍  Includes everything in the Femme Flow monthly membership.
🤍  PLUS personalised Zoom coaching deep dives and exclusive access to events.
Join the FF VIP

Here’s what life is like

before joining Femme Flow….

⭕  Tired, frustrated, confused and unsure of why it always feels like no matter what you do, you’re at war with your period and your body

⭕  Constantly googling symptoms, trying random supplements or other protocols with no real results or relief from your symptoms

⭕  Feeling like this is just the way life is and suffering through it, settling with less than great in your mood, body, and overall life wondering if it’s just you or if everyone struggles this hard too

⭕  Feeling alone, unable to talk about what you’re experiencing, dreading each month that comes by and feeling like you’re on a constant emotional rollercoaster that you just can’t break free from

⭕  Always having to push yourself to try to make things work, perpetuating stress, feeling anxious, overwhelmed and wondering if there’s a better way

Life after joining Femme Flow…

❤  Waking up every day invigorated and excited for life, connecting to a community of amazing woman who liftyou up, cheer you on, and infuse so much positive energy into your day

❤  Feeling confident and empowered in your body and in your skin with no more pain or unexplainable symptoms

❤  Rocking your job or business with absolute power and ease because you feel mentally and emotionally clear, creative and on top of the world from your fully balanced hormones and never ending energy

❤  Dancing through life feeling vibrant and excited for each new day no longer trapped by your period or stuck in bed for days because you’ve optimized your nutrition and eliminated all your period symptoms

❤  Having a new glow to your life from the inside out, people complimenting you on how much happier you are, wondering what changed, what shifted and how you seem to have such a new lightness and awe to your every day

See here at Femme Flow, we know the symptoms are not something we need to be afraid of, ignore, or try to just pretend they don’t exist and push through. We KNOW the power of hormones, nutrition and optimizing functional medicine so you can truly FLOURISH in your body and life.




You don’t have to do it all alone!


Here’s how to know if Femme Flow is right for you:

If you’ve experienced any of the symptoms we’ve mentioned and want to start to learn how to master your health around your period and menstrual cycle, this is the perfect place to do it! 


You love having community and a group of other people to plug into and connect with during your highs and your lows


You crave to learn more about your body and health is a big topic for you, the idea of having access to amazing experts all over the world is exciting and you can’t wait to learn more! 


If you are having natural cycles or you’re on hormonal contraceptives or HRT and desire to effortlessly transition off hormonal therapy to experience the natural rhythm of your body.
You have endless questions and a whole list of possibilities about hormones and your menstrual cycle that you’d love to get answers to!


If this is you, click here to join femme flow now.


Femme Flow may not be the right fit for you if...

Your symptoms are incredibly severe in which case we would advise you to explore our Opal mastermind where we can give you a much more personalized and hands on approach to healing hormones and body. If this sound like you just from Liz a DM on social media or email [email protected] – we can then establish the best route forward for you.



List of topics we teach on inside Femme Flow


🤍 Understanding your hormone health why and desire.


🤍  Becoming the expert detective of your own cycle. We’ll teach you how to tune into and understand exactly what your body (aka symptoms) are telling you and what to do about it.


🤍  Finding your flow and know your rhythm. All the juicy and empowering stuff they should teach us at school. You’ll leave this section mind blown and excited to tap into your new found body connection and monthly hormonal gifts.


🤍  Ever growing library of Food for Flow Recipes and meal inspiration. Tailor your meals to harmonise and optimise your hormonal balance for every season of your cycle.


🤍  Optimising your workouts and athletic performance. Us ladies aren’t designed to do the same workout day-in-day-out, we should be flexing, flowing and pushing our fitness in alignment with our 28-day rhythm. Learn how to optimise your changing metabolism, nervous system and ability to build muscle to workout efficiently and reach new fitness highs.


🤍  Finding your flow to optimise your working life and excel in your career. Tap into your cyclical neurobiology – energy, productivity, creativity, intuition and confidence to elevate your professional and personal world.
🤍  Second Spring menopause stream. Build healthy foundations to move into and transition through perimenopause. Holistically navigate and manage menopausal symptoms with or without HRT.


🤍  A whole host of expert conversations and deep dives.


🤍  LIVE coaching sessions and expert Q&As tailored to your unique journey, needs and community vibes.



“Doing the cycle mapping has blown me away. I’m learning so much about myself, I can’t wait to do more. I get really excited and curious about about how I feel each day. I love not worrying about the food but instead feeling into how it makes me feel. I’m already looking ahead to next month – planning and knowing how I’m going to feel is so liberating. 
I feel blown away by this course and everything we are doing so thank you so much Liz.”
Vicky Yates

Final love note

Us women are incredible, life creating creatures. We can muscle through and build empires but there comes a time when we need to pause, look within and listen, for our bodies are talking to us – telling us what they need. From the inside out can we rejuvenate, align our systems, harmonise our hormones and optimise our ore inspiring natural gifts. With optimal health we will lead ourselves and our tribes towards our most desired lives.


I look forward to connect with you,
Liz x


Both Femme Flow and Femme Flow VIP include all of the incredible core features of the programme including full access to my FEMME FLOW programme and formula, but Femme Flow VIP also includes personalised Zoom small-group coaching deep dives – perfect for those of you who really want to understand and master your health once and for all.

The beauty about Femme Flow is the flexibility you have to adapt it to work for your lifestyle and unique hormonal balance. The membership will meet you where you’re at and myself and my team are on hand to help you optimise and navigate your Femme Flow journey.

Results are of course dependent on the time and energy you invest into the programme and your personal development. But what I can say is I have worked with hundreds of women who have seen incredible growth and relief from symptoms by working through and engaging with the Femme Flow content. As with anything, you will get out what you put in – so commit to yourself and connect with the myself, my team and the community.

Payment plans are available on upgrade options within the membership.

Yes. LIVE group coaching and Q&A sessions are included in both Femme Flow and Femme Flow VIP. Femme Flow VIP includes personalised small group coaching sessions with Liz or one of our expert team members.

It is perfectly natural to feel that way. In our modern society, and especially as women in society, we are told to be the ‘best version of ourselves’ but are rarely encouraged or given the tools to do so. But we can only be the best versions of ourselves and achieve true happiness when we really attune to and honour our wants, needs and desires – and that requires us to invest in ourselves.

There are no refunds available on the monthly membership. However, Femme Flow VIP membership can be ported into upgrades such as 1:1 sessions and Opal.

You have full control to manage and cancel your membership as and when you desire. You will be removed from the membership within 72 hours of cancelling

Femme Flow is right for women who are ready to lead themselves towards the enriched, balanced life they desire. If you have read this far then I guarantee you desire more for yourself so my greatest advice for you it to jump in with both feet. Once in, whole heartly connect with myself, my team and the incredible Femme Flow community – lead yourself towards your desires and magic will happen.

If you have any additional questions feel free to drop a DM via social media.