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meet Liz

Liz Sergeant

BSc MSc, ANutr

Owner and Founder of Well Nourished Club and Nourished Mums; Registered Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Coach, specialising in women’s health and postnatal wellness; mum of two; lover of food; active bod; advocate of all things chocolate!

I’m a high vibe Functional Nutritionist who specialises in empowering women to rediscover their sense of self, harmonise their hormones and recharge their energy so they can be present with their loved ones at home, smash their career ambitions and flourish into the passionate, sassy women within.


As a Functional Nutritionist I work with you to explore and uncover the route cause of your symptoms or disease. All of your hormonal and metabolic pathways are linked, if one is out of whack then they all will be affected, resulting in a number of symptoms which on the surface may appear unrelated.

I help women create space, clarity and calm in their lives

After a 15-year career in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, I understand the fast-paced, corporate world you work in, and as a mum of two, I appreciate the extra demands on your time, energy and life.

I have experienced first-hand the destructive nature of digestive issues, hormonal imbalances and low energy. In fact, energy is something I’ve struggled with on and off throughout my life; from having glandular fever as a teen, to more recently suffering from adrenal dysfunction. Like you, I’m a high-vibe, high-achieving woman but with this comes stress, anxiety, and often an inability to switch off, which, in today’s world, leads to living on a continuous tightrope. I know that this balancing act cannot be sustained – just one extra strain added to the mix, such as a virus, sleep deprivation, or environmental toxins, can tip us over the edge leading to low mood, exhaustion and hormone imbalances.

Now, as a mum, having energy is essential if I want to soak up those precious moments with my little ones and have the freedom to thrive as an individual, which includes building my business, exploring my interests and maintaining my loving relationship.

My mission is to combine my personal health journey with my professional experience to support high-achieving women like you, transform your life, get in touch with your heart, mind and body and step up to your full potential.


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