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Emma Brocklesby 

“I started experiencing pain in my right glute about 5 and a half years ago, which gradually became more frequent and more intense, always around the same time in my monthly cycle. Over time, my symptoms got worse; every part of my insides was tender and swollen during my period and I suffered with intense pain – eventually after seeing many different doctors, I was diagnosed with endometriosis. 

Various experts at the hospital suggested a variety of invasive treatment plans to reduce my symptoms which I was unsure aboutI’d followed Liz for some time on social media and contacted her, after our initial conversation I thought this approach would be good for me to try, no medication, just working with my body to understand myself better.  

The last 7 months with Liz have been insightful, challenging at times but so enlightening. With biweekly calls she has helped me understand my condition and my monthly cycle With gradual food and environmental changes along-side some supplementation she has taught me how I can support myself moving forwards which is so rewarding and empoweringAfter seeing gradual improvements to my symptoms each month over the last 6 months, my last cycle was a huge break through. It was (drumroll please…………) PAIN FREE! The period was 4 days and pretty normal, not heavy – I exercised every day and I was able to drive to work without having to think about it how I was going to manage my flow and the pain. I’ve taken no pain relief and had no stressful visits to the toilet (which previously had been a daily challenge, actually crying whilst visiting the toilet with the pain of bowel movements was pretty standard).  I can’t believe it.” 

Sheryl Jones

“AWESOME! What can I say?… I feel great, my energy levels are stable and definitely up (clients calling me Miss Bouncy Pants!!), I’m thinking more clearly and I have significantly fewer aches and pains. The monthly hormonal craving that I’ve lived with my whole life has completely disappeared. I’m having the most amazing deep sleep I’ve had in a long time – I’m actually waking feeling refreshed! I’ve also had the added bonus of body composition changes. I am less bloated, have less body fat and I’ve lost cms round my waist and thighs. I could go on!! 

Thanks to all the expert support and encouragement from Caroline and Liz, I’m now brilliant at mindful eating and planning. This has truly been a lifestyle change and months later I’m still enjoying all these benefits and loving the new me. 

I can confidently say that joining this online nutrition programme has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Thank you so much to Caroline Keatinge and Elizabeth Sergeant.”

Katie Bainbridge

“I have been seeing Liz for a couple of months now. I was slightly skeptical when I first contacted her as I put on 6 stones since 2014 – mainly down to medication – and no matter what I tried I couldn’t lose the weight. I was also having major problems with my gut health. From the first moment I started chatting with Liz, I found her to be empathetic and compassionate. She really listened to what I had to say and took on board my concerns. Working closely with me she has supported me to make fundamental changes to my lifestyle and nutrition habits and although I still have a long way to go, she has already helped me enormously on the weight loss front and in terms of my gut health. I would highly recommend anyone to work with her as she will help you to reach your goals with a professional yet caring approach. Thanks for all your support Liz”


“Thank you Liz with all your help so far! I cannot believe how different I already feel at week 5 of the programme. PMS massively reduced, periods so much lighter, tiredness during the second half of my cycle gone and back to a regular 28-day cycle already. So pleased I came to you when doctors had no interest and brushed it off. I am excited for the next few weeks working with you and the rest of the ladies in this Nourished Mums group. Thank you!”

Izzy Elliott

“I used to be a carb-fiend, pasta monster! With Liz’s support I have dramatically changed my diet, the recipes provided have been delicious, quick and easy. I can honestly say that this process has changed the way I think about food and I am now looking forward to meal times and enjoying a more balanced diet… 

…In just a few weeks I’m well on my way to reaching my personal goals… 

My energy levels have increased dramatically just from making a few small dietary changes. I now find that I am more active when playing with my toddler, I am finding it easier to get up in the mornings and at the end of the day I still have energy left to spend time with my partner. In addition, people keep telling me how great my skin is looking- something that I wasn’t expecting would ever change, and I certainly couldn’t have imagined that changing my diet could make a difference to. THANK YOU LIZ!!”

Victoria Harvey-Jones

It’s fair to say my 3 months of Nourished Mums online nutrition programme at the end of 2019 was transformational for me.

It ultimately led to me having the courage and strength to leave a job I was desperately unhappy in and secure what is my dream job! I start in mid May (currently on sabbatical) and spending time consolidating and building on my Nourished Mums journey.

I was also suffering with crippling PMS but thanks to this amazing support programme I now have regular cycles and have really tuned into my monthly ‘moods’ – realising that it’s ok not to be superwoman every single day and sometime you just need to take it easy (on yourself!). Easier said than done I hear you say but I promise you it is achievable thanks to all the great stuff Liz with empower you with over the next 3 months!

Leanne Foreman

I now make more informed nutrition choices and only eat what will feed my body not just eat what I crave or a sugar fix tells me I want. I love that I never feel hungry too. I have also become more relaxed as I’m not tired all the time and tense from my blood sugars being all over the place. Mood swings are few and far between now which is so beneficial to not just me but my family as well. I am so happy that I decided to jump on board with the Nourished Mums online programme.”

Joe Rich

“Being part of the Nourished Mums online Programme, has not only meant I get a personal functional nutrition plan but also given clear explanations of why I need to change e.g. hormones. 

…I just want to say that I was one of those people who swore I would never be on a ‘special diet’ but now I see, through Liz’s help and support, it isn’t a special diet it’s just a diet that suits me better! Thanks Liz!”

Hayley Knight

“Prior starting to the Nourished Mums online nutrition support programme I was really struggling with fatigue – it affected every part of my day. I love fitness but if I exercised I would have an energy crash that left me feeling like I’d completely lost my identity. I was miserable and extremely anxious.  

Fast forward 4 months later, my anxiety has reduced by 90%, I don’t get painful boobs before my period, which was an unexpected and welcome benefit, and I’m exercising regularly (my dogs are getting the exercise they need!).  

One aspect of the programme I particularly enjoyed was the inner self work. It helped me to realise I wasn’t happy in what I was working towards in life, and gave me the confidence and strength to change direction and join a university course.  

I now feel ridiculously excited about life again.  

I’m so so thankful that Liz has put together this amazing support program. It saved me in so many ways.”

Della Taylor

“Owing to increasing pain from an arthritic foot I consulted an alternative practitioner with a view to having a course of acupuncture. Before this could begin, I was asked to fill in a very detailed form listing ailments I had suffered over the years. Very astutely, the first practitioner informed me that she thought all my symptoms were caused by inflammation built up over the years and a nutritionist should be my first port of call – and that nutritionist should be Liz Sergeant. Somewhat skeptically, I agreed to consult her.  

So began a three-month journey where I discovered much about my body – how it was reacting to food and, very importantly, how to manage my diet for myself. On the programme, Liz explained all about the exclusion diet I was about to embark on and what to expect. She was always very encouraging and understanding of any difficulties I encountered. If you had told me at the beginning that I would be managing without gluten, dairy and nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes etc.) I would not have believed you but with Liz’s encouragement and support and the fact that symptoms I had lived with, and taken for granted, had begun to lessen, I did it!  

No bloating, no morning headaches, much less stiffness and a significantly better foot joint made any “loss” worthwhile. With the food diary I sent to Liz every week I was able to see for myself what food was causing my problems. Five months on I have a diet tailored to my body and Liz is only a phone call away should I have any surprises.”

Susannah Hunt 

“Liz was recommended to me by a friend after years of painful digestion, bloating, stress and fatigue. Liz has enabled me to understand what my body benefits from and put a stop to my digestive problems, increasing my energy, calming my central nervous system and creating a more focused and balanced version of myself.  

Now my approach to life is a lot calmer and I am more focused, enabling me to balance work/life stress better. The bit of the programme I have enjoyed the most is learning and understanding nutrition and how to fuel my body to get the best results.

I am someone who gets bored and distracted if I don’t see fast results and this journey has enabled me to make a change quite quickly. Then just when I think I hit a plateau, my body moves to the next phase in terms of increased energy and functioning so I never tire or lose focus on my journey. Liz is always on hand when you need support so you’re not going it alone.”

Becky Friend

“I came to Liz through a recommendation from a work colleague as I was struggling with sugar cravings which made me put on weight and also had quite a specific diet requirement – I am sensitive to natural aspirin found in a lot of healthy foods – so I needed to know how to get the right nutrients from other foods I could eat. 

Without going into the details, Liz taught me a lot of things about the right foods to eat and ones to cut out, some of them so much different to what I thought was healthy and what wasn’t! With her support, we started changing things slowly so it wasn’t overwhelming and more of a life changing exercise rather than a quick fix – and in a month I’d lost 6 cm off my waist and my digestion was so much better! I’ve also lost half a stone and managed to keep it off. 

When I’ve tried to eat healthy before it’s never really worked as I don’t have a lot of willpower. Liz asked me to keep track of what I was eating and feeling. Having accountability really helped, it made me think about what I was eating and also Liz could support and motivate as I progressed through each week. 

I still love sugar, but I have alternatives I can turn to rather than processed food. So I now have the nutrition knowledge I need to be able to choose the better options and know that it is good for me and I’ve got that for life! 

Thanks Liz!”

Sara Betteridge

“Nourished Mums has given me the confidence I was looking for with regards to understanding food, making better choices, and changing how I feed not only myself but my family too.  

I am taking the RESTORE side of the online programme very seriously and will be ensuring these practices become a regular feature in my day by prioritising them.  

I want to say a BIG thank you to all the of other ladies – it has made a phenomenal difference to me having this weekly connection to others sharing the journey and I really appreciate all of your contributions. And of course to Liz who is just fab.  

I highly recommend the Nourished Mums programme as a supportive, gentle environment to make life altering changes and sustaining them.”

Lucy Maddox

“A real life line. After years of struggling with chronic health issues, working with Liz has given me a greater understanding of food and nutrition and how simple food choices can have huge positive impacts on my health and wellbeing. I am now firmly on my road to recovery and couldn’t have done it without the support of my Nourished Mums!”

Lea Galea

“Finding Liz was a Godsend. I have struggled for 9 years with IBS and severe bloating and was getting fed up with hospital visits, being given different tablets to try and having bad side effects from them. It was time I took things into my own hands. 

I came across the Well Nourished Club online nutrition support and there was something I instantly liked about it and after speaking to Liz, I knew that I had found the right nutritionist. I was given several different options that Liz thought would benefit me and went straight into the 1:1 nutrition support programme. My main goal was to stop my stomach pains and bloating – if I could shift a little weight that would be a bonus.  

I couldn’t believe my luck – I was 2 weeks into my nutrition programme and my stomach pains were no more, my skin was clearer and I was feeling so much better in myself. A month in and I was still feeling the same I couldn’t believe it. 

I learnt I was eating the wrong things and not eating anywhere near enough fats, I always stayed away from anything with fat, including the good fats. I loved the little challenges and all the knowledge Liz gave me. I lost 4lbs too which I was shocked about as I was doing minimum exercise.

I didn’t want my 1:1 nutrition journey to end. I have stuck to everything and still look back at all my information and the great recipes I was given. I would definitely recommend and return to Liz and the team – even the group/free information they give out is very informative.”


“Having the support of a small group online and the knowledge of nutritionists to hand was invaluable – so much better than doing it alone and just following instructions. I like to know why it’s going to work!

I decided to work with Liz and Caroline because I was being investigated for fibromyalgia as I was in increasingly debilitating pain. One week into the RESET phase of my nutrition programme, ALL of my joint pain had disappeared. Today I ran for a bus!”

Clare Sibley 

“I turned to you because I felt that something in my digestive system wasn’t right, that I shouldn’t feel bloated, uncomfortable or nauseous that regularly. I wondered if it was something in my diet, though I didn’t feel my diet was bad. My goal was to feel happier again and not have to worry about when digestive discomfort might appear. On the side I was looking to lose some weight and improve my training. 

The changes have been brilliant, I feel happier, barely ever feeling bloated and am not constantly worried about how I will feel after eating. I’ve seen additional benefits which I couldn’t have imagined before, I don’t feel tired in the afternoons and evenings and my concentration has improved massively. I’ve lost weight and by understanding what I should eat when, I feel a lot less hungry all the time. 

Liz has been really supportive and fitted the nutrition programme around my lifestyle, which has meant I didn’t find it a struggle or restrictive. She is realistic and you can be completely honest with her. I wanted this to be sustainable rather than a fad diet, and that’s what I’ve found, with the changes I’ve seen I would never think of going back (apart from the occasional treat).”

Sophie Crossley

“Being part of the Nourished Mums online programme and working with Liz has been transformational for me. Having suffered with recurrent and severe mouth ulcers for the past few years, I was desperate for a solution. I was in the middle of various medical tests that were inconclusive, so I took the decision to focus on my diet and nutrition. Once getting started on my baseline plan and following the guidelines that Liz set for me, my symptoms pretty much disappeared, I think I had two small ulcers during the whole programme! Overall I felt energised, more comfortable, happy and glowing! 

Whilst I still haven’t quite got to the bottom of my ulcers, the situation has vastly improved and with Liz’s support I know what I need to do when I feel an outbreak starting.  

She is incredibly knowledgeable and inspiring and I can’t thank her enough for her support.”