Eating on the Move by Caroline Keatinge

I’ve had a busy few days prepping for our family holiday… We’ve become converts to home swapping – although to date we’ve only used domestically for long weekends catching up with friends in London. This summer we decided to branch further afield and swap with a family from Amsterdam. It’s a wonderful way to have a less expensive holiday and a lot more space than you usually get in a hotel or self catering, but does come with a need to tidy up and clean to a higher spec that usual to get ready to have strangers living in your house!


Eating whilst travelling can be a tough challenge – if you’re anywhere near railway stations or airports you will know that if you’ve not looking for a sandwich you are going to struggle… Which means it’s much best undertaken with some preparation and home-produced fare.  That said it’s a challenge when in a time-poor high-stress position as I was on Friday morning.


I solved the problem by taking a few minutes before changing the bed linens and finishing off the cleaning to make a huge frittata (recipe below) – it had the added advantage of being a great way to use up much of the remaining food in the fridge too! I had planned ahead to the extent that I had lots of eggs on hand too (hard boiled eggs are also a hugely transportable food item). The frittata double up as breakfast, and I packed the remainder away for lunch.


We were rather late leaving, and then met with the news that there was an accident on the M4 and so our journey was longer than planned, with no time for any stops if we were to make our Channel check-in deadline. Happily Frittata slices are easy-to eat on the go!



All you need:

12 eggs

2 large onions finely sliced

1 slice of bacon

Leftover veg from dinner:  anything goes! broccoli, chard, etc

Leftover boiled potatoes chopped to large chunks

2 carrots sliced

2 tomatoes sliced

Fresh marjoram and thyme

Salt and pepper


All you do:

  1. Saute the bacon and once browning add the onions and sauté until soft but not coloured (but don’t worry if you get distracted and they do brown a little!)
  2. Add the other vegetables and stir to warm thought
  3. Beat the eggs with the finely chopped herbs and season
  4. Add the egg mix and leave on a low/medium flame to cook the base, then place the pan under the grill to finish cooking the top. Remember for a very large frittata this can take quite a time!



Other travel food options I often turn to include hard boiled eggs, packed ‘salad boxes’, vegetable crudités and hummus, any leftovers from the fridge I can put in a tupperwear! For car journeys in the UK, I’m a little less worried these day as most service stations have a Waitrose or M&S where I can get a selection of cold meats, cooked fish and veggies to cobble together an on-the-go family picnic.

For long-haul travel I always take a pack up of all sorts that won’t perish on the plane. Avocado, hard boiled eggs (in their shell), raw veg crackers, nuts, seeds, tinned fish, homemade flapjack, jerky and an assortment of fruit are my staples. For little people I’d also recommend throwing in some organic meal pouches so you know you have something good to hand as an emergency snack or dinner option when caught short.