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As a high achieving mum, you have a lot on your plate. Life can feel frantic – running at a million miles an hour in a somewhat cobbled together organised manner – or at least that’s what it looks like from the outside! Inside it feels like a whole different story, flitting from one task to the next and feeling totally out of control with it all. 

Sounds familiar, right? 

It’s exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be that way. So let’s get you back in control and reconnected with your sharp, passionate, driven, awesome, cool, funny, sassy, sexy self. What you need is a good dose of clarity, calm and space to get you feeling back to yourself. 

What can I do to create clarity, calm and space? 

Here are my top 3 hacks to clear your head, boost your mojo and get you swinging from the chandeliers again: 

  1. Go to bed: Go to bed early and get some sleep. Sounds obvious? THEN WHY AREN’T YOU DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT?! Yes, Mama, I’m calling you out – you know who you are. If you’re the Mum who sits on the sofa at night watching random TV, pinning your eyes open at 9 pm, then give yourself a break. “But Liz, that the only ‘me time’ I have”. BS… why are you giving yourself the dregs of your day? Give yourself this time in the morning. This takes me to #2. 
  2. Wake up early: Prioritise YOU – Start the day on your terms. Set your alarm to a time when you know you’ll have 30-60 minutes of QUALITY YOU TIME before the kids wake up. If you have early risers like me then this could be 5.10 am (anything beginning with a 4 seems a bit extreme!). Have this time every morning to ground yourself, move, read, listen to a podcast, journal, plan out your day, do something you enjoy. Yes, it will feel like a drag to begin with but after a couple of weeks, you’ll start to cherish and protect this special time.  
  3. Fast: Work up to a period of 14 hours overnight when you do not eat or drink (other than water). Give your body the rest it deserves to repair, replenish and renew. If you have dinner with the kids at 5 pm then wait until 7 am until your next meal, and make it a good one full of protein, fibre and healthy fats. 

Mama, remember you can’t out hack a ‘shifty’ diet. But if you’re covering the foundations I discussed in my Beat Brain Fog LIVE LINK TO LIVE, then these three hacks will give you CLARITY, CALM and SPACE.  

And a final note to new mums – listen to your body. Take the sleep when you can get it, only try fasting if you feel good doing it and continue to eat all the good grub.  

We tackle these points and more in the Nourished Mums programme to get you back to feeling like YOU again. You can find out more about the Nourished Mums programme on our homepage, or get in contact to discuss and find out whether the programme is right for you. 

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