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I know I’m not alone at 11.30pm, 1am, 3am, 4.30am… many of you lovely ladies are there with me feeding or soothing your little chickpea. I know it’s not forever and this phase will pass. But it can feel soul-destroying at the time, so here are my two little wins to help get you through the long nights: 


One bonus of waking up every other hour to go soothe my baby boy is I get that “MMMMMMMWAAAAAHHHH, YES, COMFFFFY” feeling and a good WIGGLE every time I get back in bed! Who’s with me? It’s gooooood right?! As I sit there in the dark like a nodding cat or pacing the room, I honestly do try to reframe it…ahhh baby boy cuddles, he’s only little once, I’ll just go to bed extra early tomorrow night… Hmmmm who am I kidding?! It sucks, but at least I get to savour that delicious gettingintobed wiggle and relax 3-4 times a night – you just can’t beat that feeling. It’s not ideal, but reframing the situation will make it a little easier to accept. 


After endless sleepless nights, you might be feeling a little lacklustre (to say the least) and zombie-esque. So, make YOU the world’s number one priority as soon as you wake up. Trust me, making a tiny bit of effort to breakfast like a diva will soon reboost your inner mojo and have you skipping down the street to wheels on the bus. 

Forget those processed energysapping cereals – choose a hearty breakfast full of healthy fats, good quality protein and nutrient dense carbs. It doesn’t need to be fancyhere are my three favourite quick, prepareahead brekkies… 

  • Overnight oats (or porridge) with full fat milk/yoghurt, nuts/seeds, fruit and a sprinkle of collagen and/or protein powder 
  • Boiled egg or smoked salmon on avocado on rye bread 
  • Mighty breakfast bowl 

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