Last Friday I hosted Halloween party for 10 Mums, 8 toddlers, 2 three-year-olds and a weaning baba. When everyone accepted the invite I was initially a bit overwhelmed at the thought of 10 kiddies running around the house and what to make for the promised afternoon tea. The thought of greasy finger prints across our lovely (but very impractical) baby blue chesterfield crossed my mind on multiple occasions. Anyway, after a quick brainstorm of what I could throw together in 2 hours during Friday morning’s nap and with a little help from my guests, this was our delicious afternoon tea spread…
Kiddies party buffets don’t have to be beige, boring and void of all nutrious value. With a wee bit of creativity it’s easy and just as quick to whip up a nutrious and delicious toddler friendly buffet that the adults will love too. Here are my top buffet dishes and tips on how to pull it all together within a couple of hours:
1) Dips (hummus, guacamole, salsa, sour cream & dill, beet & goats cheese, baba ganoush)  and veggie crudités. 
You could make the dips and chop the veggies yourself, ask a friend or two to bring a stash or just buy them pre-made.
2) Sweet potatoes wedges
Super quick to prepare just chop your sweet potato whilst the oven warms up and roast for 20-30mins.
3) Baked frittata 
A crowd pleaser for adults and kiddies and simple to throw together with eggs, left over veggies and optional fish, meat or cheese. Bake for 20-25mins. Just mix it all up whilst the wedges are cooking and then pop into the oven once the wedges are cooked.
4) Mixed salad
Throw together a simple salad with an olive oil and balsamic dressing whilst waiting for the frittata to cook. Lettuce, tomatoes, beetroot, avocado, peppers…
5) Selection of cheeses, ham, tuna and boiled eggs (with mayo on the side). 
By leaving the typical sandwich fillings to one side allows adults and kiddies to make up their own plate, salad and sandwiches as they wish.
6) Bread and butter (wholemeal and rye)
Nice on the side or as a DIY sandwich option.
7) Fruit salad. 
Keep it simple to the classic apples, bananas & oranges or add a few bonus items such as kiwis and berries.

8) Regular cupcakes and kiddy friendly cakes/cupcakes/scones (ie free from refined sugar).

I’m not a huge baker so thanks to my NCT buddies who bought these along.

A couple of other party food ideas I’d like to try as the babas (now toddlers!) get a little older are make-your-own wholemeal tortilla pizzas and feel good flapjack (no added sugar)… I thought these were a little ambitious with ten 20 month olds!