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THRIVE is going to be a sacred 4 week space, starting Monday 6th November, for likeminded women who are already switched on and get saavy about their health, hormones and energetic intelligence.
I am creating this space for you to…
> Reconnect with your body, hormones and energetics
> Access professional insight about what’s going on with you right now
> And importantly gain bespoke direction and momentum forward towards your most enriched life.
As part of THRIVE you will receive…
  1. A Full Women’s Health Assessment with review of GP bloodwork (if you have these – they aren’t required)
  2. A 40 minute private 1-to-1 session to deep dive into your world, offer insights, ‘ah-has’ and a roadmap forward
  3. A personalised Blueprint with revised supplementation recommendations
  4. 2x Semi-private coaching sessions inside our group Zoom calls
  5. Rolling group Voxer for daily coaching, focus, camaraderie and momentum
  6. Ad hoc support from my team as needed

So let’s get you set up…


Please complete the following forms…

  • Health Questionnaire – click to complete. Please complete this Health History Questionnaire to highlight all that has changed/evolved since our time together and provide detail about what you are experiencing and wanting to move through now.
  • Food, Mood and Symptom Diary (complete this on your phone/laptop first and then enter the 4 days all together) – click to complete
  • If you have had any blood tests taken within the last 6 months by your GP or privately, please feel free to share them with us. This isn’t a requirement, but a nice to have so don’t worry if you don’t have blood test results. For those who do Click here for full instructions of how to upload your blood test documents to your client portal.

Once you have submitted your health questionnaire, diary and blood test results, we will be in touch to arrange a time for your 1:1 consultation. Please do not book your 1:1 session until invited by one of our practitioners, this is to ensure we have all the information we need from you so that we can make the most out of our time together.


I’m going to be hosting THRIVE inside an app called Voxer. If you are not already on Voxer please download the app for free here:
Once you are inside the app connect with Caroline – username is carolinekea here: and myself here: Simply open up a conversation and drop us a “hello”. We can then touch base, arrange your 1:1 call and pop you in the THRIVE voxer group.
Daily Masterminding
Our daily chat, coaching and momentum will be hosted inside a Voxer group. I will be opening this up in the days before we get started.
Group Coaching Calls
We will be having 2 group coaching calls during our time together in THRIVE. The time and day of these will the scheduled once I have a better idea where in the world ladies are joining from.
We’re super excited to connect and get you started.
Liz & WNC Team