Sugar Detox Club has arrived!

This month we officially launched our first cycle of the all new singing and dancing Sugar Detox Club.

What is the Sugar Detox Club I hear you ask?

Sugar Detox Club is a 50 day online nutritional reset which includes a 21 day sugar detox that will eliminate those nagging sugar cravings. Led by registered nutritionists, the Sugar Detox Club will boost your energy levels, reset your tastebuds  and set you on a path to a healthier you.

The Club is based on sound nutrition principles that will empower you to reset your diet as part of a healthy lifestyle. Whilst many of our detoxers lose weight on the programme, the Sugar Detox Club is not a diet club so there will be no calorie counting or fancy diet products – just good, honest, real food.

Meet the team behind the Sugar Detox Club…

As a member of the Club you will receive:
  • Weekly online webinars with nutritionist and health experts
  • Realtime nutritionist support and feedback via our real-time social food diary
  • Support and motivation from our fabulous Sugar Detox Club community in out private members only Facebook group
  • Access to our members only Knowledge Hub which is packed full of tools and information to empower you to make changes, including food guides, recipes, meal plans and weekly nutrition videos.
  • LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP. Meaning you will always have access to our ever expanding hub of resources and if you decide to continue you nutrition journey or repeat the programme, our experts will be here waiting for you.

Find out more about the Sugar Detox Club and  register for our next cycle here:-