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your flow guide

Unleash Your Energetic Rhythm… Designed for cycling and non-cycling women, this guide will empower you to tune into and optimise your hormonal and energetic ebbs and flows.

So many of us live to fear our ‘time of the month’ or dreaded daily energy slumps. But what if our unique rhythms could be our secret superpower?

As women we have two cycles in which our hormones are in a beautiful dance with each other, rising and falling throughout the day (circadian rhythm) and month (infradian rhythm).

In fact, when we tune in, we start to see how these hormones and energetic ebbs & flows are happening FOR us.

When we embrace the unique gifts of each day, and each season of the month, we can take advantage of our peaks in creativity, social ability and intuition. Recognising these innate cycles within ourselves allows us to optimise and better enrich our lives.

I’ve created this guide to help you to tune into your unique body, brain and being- so that you can develop the confidence and freedom to thrive!

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