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unleash your monthly superpowers

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A MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP that will empower you to
monthly superpowers.

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Our monthly cycle IS our energetic feminine pulse - Every day of every month of every year is an incredible dance of ebbs, flows, balance and harmony.

Or at least it should be….

Our menstrual cycle is what make us MAGIC. 


We embrace working with the power of our bodies + cycles.

But more powerfully, our cycle defines us as individuals and shapes our world. 

⭐️ It defines our relationships – our ability to be present, patient, passionate, intimate, social, confident.  

⭐️ It shapes our reality, outlooks and decisions.

⭐️ It influences our life choices – cravings, nourishment, self care, movement, partner, house, career.

Our monthly cycle is our physical, emotional and spiritual pulse. 

It is our 5th vital sign

And when we’re able to attuned to its rhythm and harness its energy

it becomes an incredible gift. 

Which is exactly why Femme Flow was created.


In femme flow, I will empower you...

to harmonise your hormones, optimise your performance and deeply embody your magnetising natural rhythm.

In this magical membership we’ll attune to the incredible energetics of your monthly cycle so you’ll no longer:

❌ Feel disconnected from your monthly rhythm 

❌ See your monthly cycle as an inconvenience, something to dull, or even ignore.

❌ Struggle with hormone imbalances, monthly symptoms, low mood anxiety, digestive discomfort, heavy and painful periods.

Because here’s the truth…




At its core, our monthly menstrual cycle is a finely tuned orchestra of hormones and energy.

Day-to-day our monthly rhythm shapes who we are as individuals and how we navigate our world.

Whether we feel icky, sick, moody, depressed and unhappy


We lead ourselves feeling empowered to work with our body and natural rhythms to harmonise and optimise our cycle to create a life of true freedom, joy, and deep-felt bliss


FEMME FLOW is a powerful membership for women who want to harmonise their hormones and optimise their vitality, productivity and athletic performance. 

⭐️ Women who desire to feel balanced and calm. 

⭐️ Women who want to work with and optimise their natural energetic flow. 

⭐️ Women who want to create a strong foundation from which to harmonise their hormones. 


🤍 It’s for those of you who desire to optimise your athletic performance, increase your vitality and productivity.

🤍 It’s for those of you who long to be free from debilitating monthly symptoms

🤍 It’s for you if you desire to transition smoothly and effortlessly from hormonal contraception

🤍 It’s for those of you who have a natural cycle or are taking hormonal contraception 

🤍 It’s for women of all ages, including those of your in your 40s who want to ensure a smooth transition into peri-menopause 

⚡️ Ready to experience the innate magic that you were BORN to experience? ⚡️

Hey Magical woman!

I’m Liz Sergeant, Functional Nutritionist (ANutr, AFMCP-UK) and women’s health coach. I am so excited to be bringing the superpowers of FEMME FLOW to the women in my community. 

The magic of FEMME FLOW is has been my secret superpower and is something I have been doing with my 1:1 clients for years- Time and time again, the life changing impact of attuning to and optimising my monthly cycle still blows my mind.

And now, I’m ready to share it with YOU!

After years of leaning into my well oiled high achiever, doer energy, muscling through ‘difficult’ times of the month or running pill packets together to avoid the monthly ‘inconvenience’… feeling horrendous, lost, emotional, low and exhausted.

I thought this was all normal until….

I realized there had to be a better way that worked FOR me AND my female body.

That’s when I founded the magic that is FEMME FLOW.

What was I thinking and why did I not know this sooner?!

Like the women I work with, attuning to and honouring your incredible monthly rhythm, will hands down be a pivotal moment in your life.

You will undoubtedly look back at this moment and remember it as the time you started to feel alive, grounded within yourself and present with those around you. 

The world will start to look different as you exude an inner confidence, opportunities will come your way and relationships will flourish.

Once I learnt this stuff and started to live in alignment with my natural rhythm – honouring the simplicity of flexing and flowing with my body’s energetics it was truly life changing.

Ladies, trust me when I say – we have SUPERPOWERS.

And FEMME FLOW, is where I show you exaclty how to tap into them. 

Ready to experience the magic of your monthly cycle? 

the membership

In FEMME FLOW you will learn how to deeply attune to your body and optimise your monthly gifts.

You will learn how your daily hormone changes influence your neurobiology, nervous system, metabolism, digestion, reproductive system and immune system.

With this knowledge you will become empowered to optimise your athletic performance, productivity, creativity, emotional intelligence, body composition and weight loss, fertility, stress response and energy.

⭐️ Access to the 30 day FEMME FLOW formula – an ever growing suite of videos and guides.


⭐️ Learn how to nourish, harmonise, optimise and bio-hack your monthly phases with my Food Flow recipes and plans.


⭐️ Guest experts.


⭐️ Real time knowledge bombs and riffs from me and my expert team.


⭐️ Ad hoc live Q&As and hormone hot seat sessions.


⭐️ VIP specials and deep dives.
JOIN NOW from £33/month


“Doing the cycle mapping has blown me away. I’m learning so much about myself, I can’t wait to do more. I get really excited and curious about about how I feel each day. I love not worrying about the food but instead feeling into how it makes me feel. I’m already looking ahead to next month – planning and knowing how I’m going to feel is so liberating. 

I feel blown away by this course and everything we are doing so thank you so much Liz.”

Vicky Yates