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Toxins; they are virtually everywhere and can wreak havoc on our hormones. “I’m pretty sure dry shampoo isn’t non-toxic,” I thought to myself as I was spraying, trying not to breathe it in! 

Toxins? They can cause hormone imbalances? 

Yes! This is front of mind because, during the REBALANCE phase of Nourished Mums, we’ve been exploring how everyday environmental toxins in your food, skincare products, kitchenware, soft furnishings and cleaning products etc. throw your hormones out of whack, drain your energy and dip our mood.  

It’s FASCINATING and often the last piece in the puzzle and natural next step for savvy mammas. But it can easily become overwhelming…  

Yikes, there are toxins everywhere?! Where do I start? 


Yes, there are toxins everywhere (endocrine disrupters – xenoestrogens). Many you have no control over but some you can manage, reduce and remove – simply, with very little to no effort or expense. 

What can I do to reduce my exposure to toxins and keep my hormones in check?  

Exposure will vary between us but core areas I cover that are common to most mamas include: 

  • Skincare – especially moisturiser, sunscreen and deodorant (and probably dry shampoo!) 
  • Kitchen – don’t put hot food in plastic containers, avoid cooking with foil and replace Teflon pans. 
  • Food – Choose organic produce that’s realistic for your budget. Prioritise organic, high welfare meat and fats, then focus on fresh produce. The UK dirty dozen and clean 15 from the PAN-UK is a good place to start. 

Feeling a little overwhelmed by it all? 

Choose one area above and start to make small changes.  


  • Simply change your moisturiser first. 
  • Slowly replace plastic containers with glass or steel. 
  • Minimise foods on the dirty dozen list. 

And in my case… don’t sweat it about the dry shampoo. I’m a real-life human Mum of very little people. There are nights and mornings when they need cuddles, a lot of cuddles, so if that means my hair goes from acceptably greasy to gross, then out comes the dry shampoo! 

Interested in learning more about environmental toxins and their impact on your hormones? We tackle these points and more in the Nourished Mums programme. You can find out more about the Nourished Mums programme on our homepage, or get in contact to discuss and find out whether the programme is right for you. 

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