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Balance & Breathe Retreat


A nourishing one day retreat for women in their 40’s and beyond to breathe deep, balance hormones and unleash their spark.
Sunday 29th September 2024
9.30am – 4.30pm
Furtho East, Old Stratford, Milton Keynes
with Kelly Hopkinson & Liz Sergeant
Breath – Hormones – Nature – Movement

Join us for an empowering day to find balance, ease and confidence again as we teach you how to give your body what it needs to truly thrive

Take a pause to recharge 

Life has never been busier. As mid-life women ourselves, we get it!

We’d guess that you’re here because you know that something needs to change. You want more for yourself, but aren’t sure where to start and what to change…

THIS is why we’re so passionate about giving women the tools and strategies they need to get their spark back and shine bright as their happiest, healthiest selves.

This is what we’re bringing to you at REVIVE & THRIVE



Liz Sergeant

Women’s Health and Performance Specialist

Kelly Hopkinson

Breath Coach and Yoga Instructor

our hormones and breath define us 

Our female physiology is unique. Our hormones and our breath are two of the biggest aspects of our health that shape our day-to-day experience –

Our mood
Our energy
Our confidence
Our creativity
Our connections with others

Learn how to tap into your body’s innate wisdom

Find your connection and calm through breathwork training, science-backed self-care practices and gorgeous visualisations

Stop battling your hormones and find harmony with practical strategies to help you flex, flow and balance your hormones in your mid-30s, 40s and beyond

Reignite your spark with functional movement, time in nature, and expert advice on how to supercharge your sleep

Your roadmap to breathe better, eat well and balance your hormones

The day will include time for us to connect, hear your personal experience and empower you with the life-enhancing practices that are right for you

Come away feeling energised, inspired and excited about your everyday life

We’re here to give your the roadmap that will help you live in alignment with all that you are and all that you want to be



What to expect

Here’s a little about the day we’ve expertly crafted for you
(allowing for some mystery too!)

Expert workshops

BREATH – Women breathe differently. Learn the benefits and practical application of Oxygen advantage Breath training, combined with self-care and confidence boosting

HORMONES – Learn how to flex, flow and harmonise your hormones and balance your energy to regain your sense of self

SLEEP– dive into getting our best sleep possible

Space to recharge

Because slowing down can feel beautiful. Feel refreshed as we connect together outdoors in nature, slow down with some simple and practical relaxation, and connect with our body through yoga and functional movement


Enjoy a nutritious, colourful and incredibly delicious homemade veggie lunch.

Other refreshments will be provided throughout the day (including all the cups of tea of course!) 

Take-Home Toolkit

End the day feeling revitalised, with a newfound confidence and sense of inspiration to create positive change in your life.

You will come away with tools to keep the gorgeous retreat momentum going and continue showing up as your best self.

Plus, you’ll also receive a gorgeous goodie bag filled with hand-picked goodies for you to take home with you


We’re can’t wait to see you there!