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Hormone imbalances can cause a whole host of symptoms, especially around a certain time of the month. If you’re a busy, high achieving, go-getting, emotionally attentive mama then it is very likely that your adrenals are feeling the pressure. And when they are burning the midnight oil, it’s not long until everything else starts to become a hot mess. 

Feeling the strain of imbalanced hormones and monthly blues? 

If you spend your days feeling stress, overwhelmed and anxious, then yep, your adrenals are going a little bit loopy which over time will throw out your sex hormones. How is your mood? Swinging up and down? Yep – Raised cortisol will result in low progesterone… and progesterone is a feel-good hormone so when levels are low (worsening before your period), then you can suffer from progesterone blues. AH! It’s all starting to become a little clearer and we’ve only just scratched the surface! 

What can you do to relieve those hormone imbalances, monthly blues and PMS symptoms? 

Let’s focus on getting you back to your fun-loving, multi-tasking, boardroom dominator, creative wizard and caring lover. 

So, here are my 8 favourite do-it-at-home hormone balancing tips:  

  1.  Really ramp up the self-care in the second half of your cycle. Research has shown that women are more likely to be in a sympathetic nervous state (fight or flight) during this phase. 
  2.  Use digestive bitters to promote healthy digestion and liver detoxification pathways.
  3.  Ditch starchy processed carbs. Replace it with roots, fruits and good quality fat.
  4.  Increase your water intake and add a little sea salt.
  5.  Poo every day! To keep things moving make sure you have adequate fibre in your diet and keep hydrated. Other poo hacks that are also hugely beneficial to the adrenals are vitamin C and magnesium. 
  6.  Keep on top of your Vitamin D levels. Get them checked regularly 
  7.  Reconsider your birth control pill. It can impact the bacterial balance in your gut, reduce thyroglobulin levels (impacting your thyroid), raise oestrogen levels and deplete essential B vitamins.
  8.  Go to bed! Sleep is incredibly important for keeping your hormones in check and keeping you feeling balanced and ready to face the day.

I explore this topic and discuss my top strategies to overcome monthly blues, anxiety and PMS in more detail on my social media LIVE – click here to catch the replay. 

We tackle these points and more in the Nourished Mums programme to get you back to feeling like YOU again. You can find out more about the Nourished Mums programme on our homepage, or get in contact to discuss and find out whether the programme is right for you. 

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