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These are feelings that many of us experience, but what is causing them? They are the most common symptoms my Nourished Mums say they suffer from. And from talking to and working with hundreds of Mums, I believe they are some of the most debilitating symptoms of hormonal imbalances.  

What do mood swings, anxiety and overwhelm feel like? 

  • It’s a period in your cycle over which you feel like you have no control over – you feel paralysed. 
  • In the thick of it you don’t recognise yourself. 
  • It negatively impacts your relationships at home. 
  • Every month you lose a little piece of confidence and move further away from who you truly are within…who you feel you once were.  

Why am I experiencing mood swings, anxiety and overwhelm? 

Here are 5 reason why you’re suffering: 

  1. Nutritional deficiencies: Take notice of your B vitamins (especially B6), Vitamin C, Magnesium, Potassium and vitamin D3
  2. Low progesterone: Underlying stress, such as, sleep deprivation, unidentified food intolerances, medication, exercise, emotional triggers, historic experiences, social media, will push up your cortisol and push down your feelgood hormone progesterone. 
  3. High oestrogen compared to progesterone: Exposure to xenoestrogen in your food, plastics, skincare and cleaning products combined with poor detoxification and elimination of oestrogen will push up your circulating oestrogen.
  4. Leaky gut: Increased gut permeability caused by stress, sugar, food irritant, infections, medication (including the pill), sleep deprivation, alcohol and environmental toxins.
  5. Blood sugar imbalances: Hangry Mama? Your blood sugar will naturally be more sensitive at different times of the month but if you have concentration lulls or a slump after lunch then you need to balance this out. Start with breakfast (7am or 1pm – the first meal of your day).

Sound familiar? 

Yes! What can I do about it? 

You need to consider these factors in your own life and look at how you might be able to improve them – but trying to do that on your own can bring on feelings of overwhelm in itself! These are all the points I personalise and tailor based on health history for the Mums suffering with mood swings and anxiety on my Nourished Mums programme. 

You can find out more about the Nourished Mums programme on our homepage, or get in contact to discuss and find out whether the programme is right for you. 

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