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Struggling with foggy brain? Low energy? Overwhelm? Anxiety? Maybe it’s time to consider switching out your coffee and stepping in to the world of Matcha tea. 

But I LOVE my morning coffee! 

I get it…  

  1. You need your coffee before you even think about functioning  
  2. It’s like a warm comforting blanket guiding you into the day 

Well if you suffer from foggy brain, overwhelm, low energy, mood swings, anxiety or PMS then now is not the time to use coffee as a crutch… 

What’s the problem with my morning coffee? 

  • Your morning coffee is exasperating these symptoms 
  • It is throwing your hormones out the window and on a rollercoaster. 

I’ve been there. My adrenals were on edge and my head resembled a 2-year old’s piece of art (i.e. a big scribbly mess). 

But Liz! I NEED my coffee! 

It may feel like that at the moment because it’s what you’re used to. What you really need is a gentle buzz that will help you focus, calm your anxiety and clear your head. 


Switch out your morning coffee for a MATCHA LATTE ladies. This swap will harmonise your world.  

Why does Matcha trump my morning coffee? 

Matcha contains caffeine (tick) but what makes Matcha unique is the high levels of an amino acid (protein building blocks) called L-theanine. L-theanine has a calming effect – it works to support our alpha brain waves which in turn helps us hectic mamas experience increased concentration, focus, clarity, improved REM sleep cycles and supports us to feel more mellow. 

And it’s really simple to make! Just mix a teaspoon of Matcha green tea powder into warmed milk until combined, and it’s ready to drink – just as speedy as your coffee. I also like to add collagen powder and a dash of cocoa powder but they are both optional extras. 

So why not give it a go? Try swapping out your regular morning coffee for a Matcha latte instead and see what difference it makes to your day! 

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