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Sweetened beverages lower fertility – A newly released study links lower levels of fertility with increased intake of sugar-sweetened beverages – and most particularly if those were soda. The study followed nearly 4000 women and over 1000 men from preconception, and demonstrated a drop in fertility for men and women who drank 7 or more sugar-sweetened drinks a week, compared to men and women who drank none at all, and fertility was further reduced in those drinking more than one sugar-sweetened drink a day. Interestingly, no associations were found with diet soda (1). 

These results corroborate previous studies which have also shown an association between sugar-sweetened drinks and semen quality, and fertility rates for women. 

So, if you are trying to get pregnant, now may be the time for you and your partner to switch to a sugar-free drink. There are lots of options you can look at – from the most simple sparkling water with ice and a slice of herb or fruit-infused waters – I love a mix of mint and lemon, or cucumber, lemon and lime – or how about making a herbal tea and allow it to cool and enjoy over ice with a slice. And of course, there’s always good, old-fashioned water! 


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