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Eating whilst travelling can be a tough challenge – if you’re anywhere near railway stations or airports you will know that if you’re not looking for a sandwich, you are going to struggle, and it can be even tougher when travelling with little ones…which means it’s much best undertaken with some preparation and home-produced fare. Here are a few ideas for eating on-the-go both in the UK and abroad… 


There are many options of nutritious food that take little time to prepare and can be eaten on-the-go – ensure you are well-stocked to keep yourself and your little ones ticking over! Travel food options I often turn to include hard-boiled eggs (in their shells), packed ‘salad boxes’, vegetable crudités and hummus, and any leftovers from the fridge I can put in a Tupperware box!  


For long-haul travel, I always take a pack up of all sorts that won’t perish on the plane. Avocado, raw veg crackers, nuts, seeds, tinned fish, homemade flapjack, jerky and an assortment of fruit are my staples. For little people, I’d also recommend throwing in some organic meal pouches so you know you have something good to hand as an emergency snack or dinner option when caught short.  


For car journeys in the UK, I’m a little less worried these days as most service stations have a Waitrose or M&S where I can get a selection of cold meats, hummus, cooked fish and veggies (carrot sticks, beetroot, tomatoes and cucumbers are my staples) to cobble together an on-the-go family picnic.  

So there you have it, plenty of healthy snack ideas for when you’re on the move – happy travelling! 

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