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Who were you yesterday? Last week? Last year? 

Acknowledge and celebrate the journey you’ve been on. How have you grown? Who have you grown? What have you accomplished? What amazing feats have you achieved? 

Hands up if you find yourself observing and comparing yourself to others around us… It’s human nature – part of our social being. What you do with that comparison is where I see mamas rise or fall.  

Those who rise use the comparison and observations to learn, inspire, motivate and grow both themselves and those around them. 

Those who fall, get stuck in limiting self-belief and mistruths.  

Know that you are making these comparisons from your perspective of the world, overlaying beliefs that may only be true to you. You are observing others’ lives as an outsider, making assumptions as to what their life is like and how it compares to yours. We never know what’s going on behind closed doors… A gliding swan may be madly spinning their legs below the water. 

The only truth you know is your life. Take power, confidence, inspiration, learnings and growth from your journey – from who you were yesterday. 

Take 5 minutes every day to celebrate your journey.  

Mine: Today I am, calm, content and at ease with where I am. I’ve always battled with a fierce drive to succeed, move forward and achieve more (busying myself to avoid grief), but from hard inner work over the last few months I feel calm and present.   

I’d love to hear your celebrations – small or big comparisons, growths, learnings – please share them with me on social media – Facebook and Instagram @wellnourishedclub 

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